In Pereira, Colombia, Inter-Cultur supports the work of the local non-profit organization, IWOKA. IWOKA works with underprivileged schools in Pereira’s marginalized areas. There, most youths are exposed to domestic violence, drugs or gang activities, given their family background and the neighbourhood where they are raised. The project aims to develop education-based solutions to tackle these societal issues.

The program offers extra-curricular activities, peer support, academic guidance, and tutoring to elementary and middle schoolers. IWOKA’s project promotes a healthy environment for developing and learning while being cheerful, friendly, and respectful of everyone. 

Within this model, the pupils’ grades have improved, sexual harassment and bullying have decreased, and the relations between students and teachers have improved. Swissocial has assessed our project’s impact and praised the project’s ability to utilize the focus group of the social issue in solving the problem itself.

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