In the Aymara communities of the high Andean mountains, women often have a hard life and a subordinate position to men. They have little o no political or economic power and, thus, often end up victims of violence, discrimination, and generally very poor living conditions. Gender inequality is reflected both within families and in wider communities. Illiteracy is common in these communities, as not everyone can access education. With our local partner AYNI, Inter-Cultur has been working in Bolivia since 2014 with indigenous people. Inter-Cultur’s projects support women’s equal participation in community life, care for their civil rights, and access to health and education services.

The different projects that Inter-Cultur and AYNI have carried out have provided agricultural training to Aymara women. The tuition has been focused on small-scale farming best practices and has offered them a chance to build their communitarian greenhouses. Given the high altitudes and dry climate in which these communities live, the greenhouses are vital for food production in the area. The training has offered women a way to strengthen their position in society and family. In addition, AYNI, with our support, has also rolled out workshops on gender equality. In 2023, we are beginning a new project with them to build water infrastructure in these regions and promote health and sanitation to the beneficiaries. 

Inter-Cultur’s projects in Bolivia are designed to support and align with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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