For businesses and non-profits

We co-create, design and finance impactful, sustainable programs that change lives. Individuals enhance their quality of life, skillset, and happiness with each project. 


Environmental and social sustainability, together with good governance are the pillars of any corporation performance. 

Social sustainability refers to the impact an organization has on individuals, including employees, clients, and the community.

Inter-Cultur helps businesses to excel in their social sustainability performance by:

Offering tailored opportunities in impact investment

Assessing their social sustainability strategy

Evaluating the impact of their corporate social responsibility programs


We co-create impactful projects that promote vocational training and job creation with our cooperation partners. Our formula to add value consists of financing, capacity building and strategic guidance. 

On top of channelling economic resources, Inter-Cultur offers strategic support in:

Designing and evaluating social projects

Assessing the strategy, management tools and processes

Escalating social business models

Providing focused training on leadership, project management and sustainability