In Bolivia, in the Aymara communities of the high Andean mountains, women often have a hard life and a subordinate position compared to men. Women have little or no...
625 000€
2013 –
Girls and women living near Guatemala City's growing landfill area are particularly vulnerable and face marginalisation and discrimination in their daily lives...
195 500€
2021 –
The pilot project, supported by Fingo, uses an innovative online application to prevent cancer deaths among women. Developed by Inter-Culture and Strathmore University, the app works online and on mobile phones in Kenya....
7 000€
Inter-Cultur has been working for several years in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, together with the local polytechnics Eastlands College of Technology, St. Kizito and IMANI ...
512 500€
Unemployed young people aged 18-25
2013 –
In the arid regions of northern Kenya, the threat of hunger is ever-present. Recurrent dry spells due to climate change have exacerbated the vulnerability of pastoralist communities, resulting in food insecurity....
280 000€
2021 – 2023
Inter-Cultur is based in the Colombian city of Pereira, where IWOKA is the local partner. The programme is targeted at schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Pereira, and every year hundreds of...
130 000€
Children and young people