Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, with one in seven people living in extreme poverty. Women are often...
247 000 €
2021 –
Given Lebanon’s unstable political situation and economic crisis, the country has experienced an increase in emigration in the last decade....
598 000 €
Women and girls aged 12-18
2013 –
In Pereira, Colombia, Inter-Cultur supports the work of the local non-profit organization, IWOKA. IWOKA works with underprivileged schools in Pereira’s...
130 000 €
Children and adolescents
In the arid regions of northern Kenya, the threat of hunger is ever-present. Repeated dry spells due to climate change...
280 000 €
2021 – 2023
Inter-Cultur has worked for several years in Nairobi in cooperation with Strathmore University, St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute and Imani. ...
512 500 €
Unemployed and unskilled youth aged 18-25
2013 –
Cancers are the third leading cause of death in Kenya, after infectious diseases and heart disease. There, it is estimated...
7 000 €