Kenya (Bungoma)

Cancers are the third leading cause of death in Kenya, after infectious diseases and heart disease. There, it is estimated that around 40 000 people are diagnosed with various cancers yearly, and nearly 30 000 die from cancer. Cervical cancer is considered one of the biggest threats to women’s health, with a prevalence of up to seven times higher than in Western countries. The situation is worsened by a lack of resources for infrastructure and patient screening, which significantly increases mortality. 

Inter-Cultur has set out to improve this situation in partnership with iLabAfrika. This Kenyan company is part of Strathmore University in Nairobi. The project involves developing an online application to prevent cancer deaths among women. The app aims to raise awareness and information on this disease. It also includes a questionnaire that allows researchers to obtain information from conversations with rural girls and women and, if necessary, enrol them for cancer screening. The pilot project will focus on raising awareness of the threats of cervical cancer and the importance of treatment and screening. Over time, the project will help to dispel the misconceptions and assumptions associated with cervical cancer in rural areas. The project will make an early cancer diagnosis more likely, significantly improving the disease’s prognosis and treatability.

This project supports and aligns with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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