Girls and women living near Guatemala City's growing landfill area are particularly vulnerable and face marginalisation and the threat of violence in their daily lives. The areas surrounding the landfill are among the poorest in Guatemala City, violence is widespread and pollution from the landfill is causing health problems for local people. In 2021, Inter-Culture started a new project in these areas with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the local NGO Junkabal.

The project aims at offering education to women in fields that are desirable in Guatemala. These include for example fields of cosmetology and gastronomy. In addition, workshops are offered in life-skills, so as a whole, the project is able to offer the women tools for economic and personal development. With the help of the training the women are able to strengthen their position in the community and get a sense of agency. Junkabal is responsible for the training of 150 women in the duration of 9 months. The beneficiaries are 15-64 years old, so the training encompassess a wide audience of women. In addition to training the project offers the beneficiaries different job intermediation tools.

Inter-Cultur's project in Guatemala follows UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals. Regarding these goals, the project is especially focused on gender equality, ending poverty and quality education. In addition, the before mentioned goals are central in Finnish Foreign Ministry’s developmental focus points.

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