For businesses and organizations

For businesses and organizations

Impactful projects and personal success stories are concrete evidence of Inter-Cultur's know-how and vast expertise. NGOs and businesses have a chance and a responsibility to create positive change in societies. Inter-Cultur wants to share its know-how to others, so that they could develop the responsibility, impact and sustainability of their actions.


Development cooperation projects can have positive and negative results but the real impact of the project is often neglected. The purpose of social impact evaluation is to identify the impacts that the project has on the lives of the people. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the project allows the organizations to reach the desired impact. Investing in social impact evaluation is an investing to the future.

A well-constructed social impact evaluation endures the whole project. This evaluation is completed in three steps:

In the beginning of the project a preliminary study is constructed. This study gives an overview of the circumstances of the beneficiaries before the impact of the project. In this stage, criteria is created to evaluate the later impact on the beneficiaries.

The second phase consists of the establishment of the baseline for the beneficiaries of the project. During the project, its activities are monitored and evaluated according to the criteria created before.

Third phase consists of a study that is completed a year after the project has been finished. The project will be then evaluated and impact that the project has on individual lives is seen.

In addition, Inter-Cultur provides training on impact assessment to its partners.


In a changing world the businesses’ importance as responsible actors and pioneers of sustainability is more important than ever. The impact, that business has on its surrounding society, is a topic of interest for investors and consumers alike. Responsibility, sustainability and social impact are the basic preconditions for a business’ activities. Executed properly, these preconditions have a positive impact on the success of the business as well as make the work meaningful.

Inter-Cultur enables businesses to grow as agents of responsibility. Inter-Cultur offers their partners workshops on corporate social responsibility and sustainability in order to lift up the business’ activities. In addition to the workshops, Inter-Cultur aims to deepen the cooperation with businesses through activities that promote the needs of the local communities as well as the sustainability strategy of the company.