In addition to international development cooperation projects, Inter-Cultur is also working for the benefit of the Finnish society. This happens, especially, with the help of IYC Suomi . IYC Suomi is a Finnish branch of the European network of youth associations, International Youth Cooperation . Its mission, in FInland and elsewhere, is to promote initiatives in favor of young people having as point of departure the human dignity.

In Finland, Inter-Cultur and IYC Suomi are organizing events that inspire youth to "live for others"Living for Others”. A big part of this is a project called "Youth Revolution" which has a goal of raising awareness among youth on doing volunteering and solidarity activities. This happens by different sorts of activities, such as distribution of food to low-income people, sport events with the refugees, and visits to the elderly houses and centers for children with mental disabilities. In addition, Inter-Cultur and IYC Suomi have been sending volunteers to abroad to take part in oversea development projects in Uganda, Senegal and The Gambia which focus mainly on building educational infrastructure.

During the summertime, IYC Suomi and Inter-Cultur organizes youth exchanges, partnering with other members of the International Youth Network, such as Spain and the UK. In these, the same goals -increasing youth participation in solidarity activities- are fostered in an intensive way. During these years, IYC Suomi and Inter-Cultur have benefited from our partnership at least 80 volunteers from Finland and abroad and reached more than 100 persons that we have served to.

The stakeholders in these projects are the young adults between 15 to 30 years old who, while volunteering and living for others, have gained skills, competencies and solidarity values. This also has a positive impact on their educational and professional careers. Through their volunteering, however, the project that Inter-Cultur and IYC Suomi have been organizing do benefit the society, especially those to whom the project have been aimed to help, in a larger scale as well.

  • Where:
    • Finland
  • When:
    • 2016 –
  • What:
    • Promoting the initiatives in favor of young people
  • Beneficiaries:
    • To young adults between 15 to 30 years old
  • Local partner:
    • International Youth Cooperation Suomi (IYC Suomi)

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