About us

Inter-Cultur is a Finnish non-profit organization. Since its foundation in 1987, its mission has been to promote educational activities in a way that fosters people's personal growth and helps them to find the courage to work for the society. In its work, Inter-Cultur works through a set of principals:

Education and Professional Work

Decent work and education have a great impact on people's personal growth, be it individual or societal. Everything Inter-Cultur does has something to do with the promoting of education. In our projects, we highlight work as a form of service.


Helping those in need is an important aspect of what we do in Inter-Cultur. This principal is behind every project we put our minds into. Through international development cooperation we also try to foster an atmosphere of tolerance and enhance the understanding between different cultures.

Building Personality

Virtues (such as honesty, selfcontrol, diligence,...) form the basis on which personality is build. In Inter-Cultur, we believe in the ethics of virtues and in our projects we highlight these virtues inspired by freedom and personal responsibility of one's actions.

Participant of the Micro-MBA program in Kolumbia

Development cooperation

Development cooperation is an important aspect of what we do. In the frames of international cooperation our organization work in project that promote education and opportunities of growth of the people in a given area.

Following the guidelines of Inter-Cultur, every project has something to do with education. Still, the ways this is done differ greatly. To bring added value to the projects, Inter-Cultur offers training in professional ethics and leadership in which Inter-Cultur has a great knowledge. We also believe that the Nordic way of thinking can offer much to those we work with outside Finland.

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