Kenya (Lodwar)

Turkana County, where the town of Lodwar can be found, is the located in the Northwest of Kenya. It is also the poorest and the least educated county in the country. Only a few have the chance to pursue education above secondary school.

St. Augustine boys' boarding primary school was build to battle this problem. It provides access to quality education to 518 boys ages 7 to 14 years old living in rural areas. Being a boarding school, the school allows the students to fully concentrate in school and not to be distracted, for example, by the pressure of herding cattle for their families. And most of all, the boys will be protected from the effects of armed conflicts during cattle rustling.

As it stands, the school is still missing a decent kitchen and dining hall. This means that the food needs to be cooked in an unsafe makeshift building and the children are eating outside or in their classrooms which is highly unhygienic. The construction of a kitchen and dining hall would, hence, solve the dual problems of staff working in an unsafe environment and children eating in an unhygienic setting.

Inter-Cultur's project are also align with the international, national and local development goals. Regarding the UN's Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals, the project is focused on promoting good health and well-being and quality education. Especially the latter is also present in the Finnish cooperation policy.

The project is being organized with Caritas Lodwar.

  • Where:
    • Kenya (Lodwar)
  • When:
    • 2019-
  • What:
    • Building a kitchen and dining hall for an elementary school
  • Beneficiaries:
    • To 518 boys aged 7 to 14 years old and to the workers of the school
  • Local partner:
    • Caritas Lodwar
  • Budjet:
    • 80 000€
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