Columbia (Antioquia and Valle del Cauca)

In this project Inter-Cultur is working with two local NGOs (Fundacion Carvajal and Interactuar) for the promotion of micro-entrepreneurs in the disadvantaged areas of Antioquia and Valle del Cauca. Through micro-entrepreneurship, those who have suffered from the armed conflict in the area get an opportunity to find permanent work. This helps the economic growth and, hence, greats stability for the communities and families.

This project is mainly aimed to young adult and women, and to those who have had to leave their homes due to the armed conflict of Cali and Medellin. Most of them have also dropped out of school which further decreases their chances of finding job increasing the possibilities of engaging in illegal activities for supporting their families.

Over 700 micro-entrepreneurs are chosen to take part in this project whom which at least 60% are women. In a long-run, this project aim for the rebuilding of sustainable and peaceful social structures. This happens through the promotion of entrepreneurship by a set of training which secures a legal way for the people to make a living and decreases economical and social exclusion.

The project works on two levels. First, to those who do not have previous training but have been in the field for at least a year, will be offered training in administrative and organizational structure and sources of financing. Second, for the entrepreneurs with high potential for growth and job creation, a micro-MBA program is offered. The program to adapted for the needs, possibilities and limitations of the environment and participants. It focuses on the development of managerial capacities, the growth through an acceleration processes and stimulates strategic thinking of the entrepreneur. It is oriented to the visualization of new demands, new markets, and higher efficiently to coordinate the entrepreneur’s own resources.

Inter-Cultur's project is also in align with the international and national development goals. Regarding the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations, the project focuses on ending poverty, promoting gender equality, and sustainable and inclusive economic growth. These goals are also present in the Finnish and Colombian national development policies.

  • Where:
    • Columbia (Antioquia and Valle del Cauca)
  • When:
    • 2018 –
  • What:
    • Promoting micro-entrepreneurs through training and micro-MBA program
  • Beneficiaries:
    • Over 700 micro-entrepreneurs whom which at least 60% are women
  • Local partner:
    • Fundacion Carvajal and Interactual
  • Budjet:
    • 396 150€
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