Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, with one in seven people living in extreme poverty. Poverty is reflected in opportunities for education and employment, which are often particularly inaccessible to women. In addition, the prevailing macho culture is strongly reflected in the domestic violence and discrimination experienced by women, which often leads to mental health problems for women. In 2021, Inter-Cultur started a new development cooperation project in Nicaragua with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project supports micro-entrepreneurs in the communities of Managua, Masaya and Carazon. The local partner in the project is the NGO ANDECU, which is responsible for organising the trainings.

Nicaragua is, as it stands, the poorest country in Central America where every seventh person lives below the poverty line. This have a direct impact on their chances of education and employment which is especially true for the women. Due to the Nicaraguan "Macho-culture" many women are also victims of domestic violence and segregation. This all have an impact on the mental health of the women.

The "National human-development plan of 2018-2021", made by the Nicaraguan government, focuses, among others, the promotion of entrepreneurship and gender equality within the country's borders. Especially gender equality is also highlighted in the Development policies set by the Finnish Foreign Ministry and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, these two latter ones put a great emphases on quality education. These are just the goals that Inter-Cultur is focusing on in Nicaragua. Through the promotion of the 240 women working in the field of entrepreneurship this project offers the women a change to gain economical independence and to support their families economically which would improve their status in the society and further enhance their self-esteem. Through the women, the project also helps their families, employees and colleagues.

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