Due to the unstable political situation and oversaturation of academic workforce in Lebanon, there is an increase in emigration. Only a fifth of university graduates find a job in Lebanon while other sectors are being neglected. This is especially true in service sector in which less and less skilled women can find a job regardless the increase in demand. The situation is even worse in the rural areas and in smaller settlements.

With Inter-Cultur's local partner PRODES:n ((Promotion et developpement social),we have been working to make this better in several projects funded by the Finnish Foreign Ministry since 2013. These projects have offered the women of Keserwan, Ibeil, Batrou and Bcharre training in the service sector, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. This have enhanced the status of these women while promoting their economical independence and personal growth. Given all this, the project has indeed enhanced equality, not only between rural and urban areas, but also between genders.

The beneficiaries of the project now in place are the girls and young women between 12 and 19 years old to whom the project is aimed, and their families. The project offers the beneficiaries career counseling which helps them to find education in fields in which they find interests in and which are suited for their unique skill set, while also taking into account the needs of their country and local communities. This helps them to find work also later in life and enhances their possibilities in staying in their local areas.

This project is also in align with the international and national development goals. Regarding the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations, the project focuses on reducing poverty, promoting quality education and equality between genders. These goals are also present in Finnish development policy.

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