Kenya (Turkana)

In the arid regions of northern Kenya, the threat of hunger is ever-present. Repeated dry spells due to climate change have exacerbated the vulnerability of pastoralist communities, resulting in even greater food insecurity. The Turkana people's dependence on natural resources, the region's marginalisation and lack of infrastructure leave them vulnerable to environmental change. Women often bear the heaviest burden of the effects of climate change. The lack of alternative livelihoods has forced many households to rely on means of subsistence that further degrade natural resources. This has led to a vicious circle of poverty and food insecurity.

The project aims to strengthen the food security and livelihoods of women and their families in poor pastoralist communities in the Kerio and Kangatotha districts of Turkana province. These objectives will be approached through the development of existing livelihoods and the creation of new livelihood opportunities. Women will be trained in beekeeping, honey processing and basket weaving for better quality baskets. Food production has been further enhanced by introducing a breed of goat into the local goat herd that produces better meat and milk. The project also supports market access for meat, honey and baskets. Solidarity between groups has been built through the establishment of community-based savings and lending groups, which have supported cooperation between local groups.

The project of Inter-Culture and Caritas Finland in Lodwar is centrally linked to both Finland's development cooperation goals and the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Among the 2030 Agenda goals, the project focuses in particular on reducing global hunger (Goal 2), promoting gender equality (Goal 5) and mitigating the effects of climate change on local living conditions (Goal 13). Of these objectives, the promotion of gender equality and climate change mitigation are particularly central to Finland's development cooperation objectives.

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