Kenya (Nairobi)

Inter-Cultur has worked several years in Nairobi in cooperation with the local universities of Strathmore, St. Kizito and IMANI. The project aims at offering educational opportunities to the marginalized youth of the Nairobi slums. The majority of the youth has dropped out of grade school or they do not have the adequate skillset to pursue higher education, which has led to unemployment. The underprivilege is also visible in the family background since some of the families earn less than 200 euros per month. 

Approximately half of the 900 beneficiaries of the project are women aged 18-25. All participants go through a “Dual Training” system that offers them training in technical skills as well as entrepreneurship. This way they also get a chance to improce their know-how in workplaces through internships. Thanks to this system, approximately 70% of the participants that have gone through the training have managed to get a job or have founded their own business within six months after finishing the program. This per cent is admirable considering the high rates of youth unemployment in Kenya. The economic well-being has improved the living conditions of the participants, which has prevented their exposure to drugs and other illegal activities. 

Inter-Cultur's project in Nairobi follows the international as well as local and Finnish development goals. From UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals especially improvement of education, ending poverty and improvement of employment. These themes are also focus points in Finnish Foreign Ministry’s global development goals as well as Kenya’s “Vision 2030” and “Big Four Agenda” goals. 

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