In 2021, Inter-Cultur will start its second new project in Central America. The project aims for improving the status of girls and women living in the vicinity of Guatemala City's landfill. In addition to sickness caused by the pollution, the areas surrounding the landfill are the poorest in the city and not without the threat of violence. This is especially true for the women and girls who are in extremely vulnerable position and are often victims of violence and marginalization. This project offers them training in life-skills and in fields where there can be found a lot of demand. This enables them a chance for economic and personal growth through which they can achieve agency in their own lives.

The project is organized with a local NGO, Junkabal, who is in charge of the training offered for the 150 girls and women between 15 to 64 years old. The training happens through a set of workshops and a nine month long training period. In addition, a job intermediation methodology is strengthened and open for the beneficiaries.

This project is also in align with the international and national development goals. Regarding the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations, the project focuses on reducing poverty, promoting quality education and equality between genders. These goals are also present in Finnish development policy.

  • Where:
    • Guatemala (Guatemala City)
  • When:
    • 2021 –
  • What:
    • Technical and life-skill training for girls and women to promote economic growth and gender equality
  • Beneficiaries:
    • For the 150 girls and women between 16 to 65 years old living in the vicinity of Guatemala City's landfill
  • Local partner:
    • Fundacion Junkabal
  • Budjet:
    • 210 520€
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